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2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

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Summary Simple Java utility for managing software tests
Category testing
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) danielbeck

Justus is a test case organization tool for software developers.


  1. Mission
  2. Functionality
    1. CodeCover integration
    2. Future
  3. System Requirements
  4. Download
  5. Changes since the previous version
    1. Known issues


We want to create a lightweight utility that allows software developers to easily perform organized and reproducible tests before releasing their software.

Therefore, ease of use and a low barrier to entry are the focus in the development of Justus.


Justus has three modes of operation:

  • a powerful managing interface for test sequences and test cases
  • an assistant-like interface, that guides testers through the execution of test sequences
  • the protocol viewer helps evaluating test results and can export protocols in PDF format

Currently, Justus supports the management and execution of manually performed organized software tests.

CodeCover integration

Justus supports CodeCover. During Justus test execution, a connection to a remote CodeCover session can be established. Justus will send notifications of test cases to that CodeCover session.


  • Command line interface
  • Integration of unit test suites like JUnit
  • Test case tagging
  • Test case replication (synchronized copies)
  • Rich text editor
  • "Smart sequences" / "search sequences" containing test cases matching their conditions

System requirements

Justus is written in Java with a Swing GUI and runs on any platform with a Java runtime 1.5 or higher. To be able to open the project website (report bugs, download updates) and open the pdf manual, you need Windows, Mac OS X or Java 6.


Beta 4.1 of Justus 1.0 (July 25, 2009) is available. Get the source code, or download the release bundles.

Report bugs via issue tracker (requires registration), or via email to the project owner.

This is a beta-quality release. Although there should be no major issues, always backup your data files.


Changes since beta 4
  • Fixed a crasher on Windows Vista. Thanks to Igor Prakljacic for contributing the fix!
Changes since beta 3.1
  • Added the ability to add image attachments to the large test data text fields

    Those image files are stored in a directory named Project Name.jdf Resources near the project file. They can be viewed in their original size by double-clicking the preview image in the image list. Pictures can be added and removed from test sequences and test cases with the buttons next to every image list.

Changes since beta 3
  • Bundled iText
  • Fixed the license window
  • Fixed the Mac OS X menubar integration
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a project file did not remove the previous project file's lock file

Known issues

  • Image Attachments:
    • Adding images from the clip board does not work on Mac OS X 10.5. Workaround: Save the image to a file, and add this to the image attachments. This is a bug of Mac OS X and can only be fixed by Apple.
    • There are no tool tips for the image attachment editing buttons (Add Image From Clipboard, Add Image From File…, Delete Image) and the image attachment list. Fixed in SVN, will be in the next release.
    • There are no menu items for image attachment editing. Workaround: Use the buttons instead
    • Image files no longer in use in the project are not removed from the resources directory. Workaround: Use Save as… and save the project under a new name, remove the old project files afterwards.